Tricia Rose, Founder of Rough Linen: Bringing Natural Spirit Indoors

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Finding natural texture and heritage in linen

After a lifetime working in media, Tricia Rose created her own linen company, Rough Linen, and has never looked back!

What’s a product that every room needs?

Fresh air, or the suggestion of it.

Tell us one thing you wish everyone knew about interior design.

Take inspiration from nature.


What’s a design hint that never fails that you’ve picked up over the course of your career?

Keep your room moving – with the seasons, with the weather, with the way you live your life. Changes can be little or big, they keep life flowing through a space.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Who inspires you?

I started Rough Linen doing everything myself, and over time brought in more people, better workrooms, and more efficient equipment (I love my machines!). All my ladies have insurance and paid vacations. I believe in our product. We all have pride in it and work together: that keeps me motivated. I am inspired by my customers – I love when they send in their photos.


Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer.

Look for someone whose taste you admire, and check their business methods too. There’s no point in someone who is inaccessible or who puts together a beautiful room that is out of your budget.

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