Designer hints: Mirror Imaging with Decor is Boring with Jack & Jill Interiors

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1. What inspires you when you begin a design scheme?

We often look to the colors our client feels good wearing. If you love wearing a particular color and feel it complements your skin, eyes or hair…you’re going to enjoy being enveloped within that color in your home.

2. What is the best accessory to complete a room?

Wall art.

3. The secret to styling a mantel?

Balance, but NOT symmetry. Varying heights and textures is key to making it an interesting focal point and not hum drum.

4. Designer pet peeve? 

Mirror imaging with your decor- whether it be the accessories on a mantle, or an entire room. Who says that the fireside chair on the left must be exactly the same chair as on the right? Or that you must use “matching” art prints on either side of the fireplace? If you can cut the room in half and flip one side over and it matches…it’s simply too boring in my book.

5. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?

Splurge on the lighting. It can so easily make or break your room.

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